Winter Pond Care

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  the winter pond

The ice on the pond must be kept open so that gases don't build up during the winter. Only a small hole is needed, and we did not want to use a floating heater. We purchased an aquarium air pump with 2 adjustable outputs on it. We placed the pump in our garage to protect it and drilled 2 small holes in the garage wall. We ran some 1/4 inch PVC pipe from the garage to our pond and pushed 2 pieces of aquarium air tubing thru the PVC pipes with a large air stone attached to the end of each.

the air hosesWe are now able to prevent the surface from freezing in this area by the constant motion of the bubbling air stones. With this type of air pump we can lower the air flow when the weather is mild but increase the flow and create more motion on cold days when freezing is more likely. Be sure not to place the air stones right near the pond surface. The bubbles will create more motion if the stones are not deep in the water and care must be taken not to disrupt the water temperature near the bottom where your fish will be staying. Keep the air stones near the top so that the bubbles will keep the surface moving.
The hole is easily kept open with the airstonesDO NOT ever pound on the ice to break a hole open. The shock waves from such pounding could injure the dormant fish. On those few occasions when severe weather has frozen our pond above the bubbling air stones, we simply used hot water to open the holes back up.  Because of the air stones we use any ice that forms in extremely cold temperatures is not very strong and easy to destroy with just a small amount of hot water.


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