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Many of our orchids are placed outdoors for the summer.  The greenhouse can get quite hot in the summer even with the various methods we use to keep it cooler.  We leave our Vandas, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, seedlings and other warm growers in the greenhouse.  Many of the others such as the Cattleyas, however, really seem to benefit from the cooler nights and fresh air available outside the greenhouse.move your mouse here to see what's inside  

Here you can see our orchids in their summer home outside the greenhouse door.

Pass your mouse over the photo to see what is inside!

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We built a simple grow stand to keep them off the ground.  A shade cloth is secured over the top to keep them protected from the direct sunlight.  We cover the stand in periods of excess rain.  They seem to benefit from the rainfall and receive additional watering only if necessary or when we want to fertilize.  The back does not receive direct sunlight and was therefore left uncovered to allow fresh air.

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