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Joining the New Hampshire Orchid Society was a wise decision. The group has a broad range of growers from beginners to experts. The meetings are very interesting and educational, and feature many speakers from all corners of the globe. This group knows how to mix in a little fun during every meeting, and there is never a dull moment. We meet at the Bedford Town Hall, Old Meetinghouse Road in Bedford, NH on the second Saturday of every month.

Daryl also belongs to the Massachusetts Orchid Society.  Anyone interested in orchids should join a local orchid society. Contact the American Orchid Society to locate the group nearest you.

Use these links to find out about orchid collection.

Now playing.

My first orchid display.
Photos from the 2002 New Hampshire show.

Orchid photos.
My photography is slowly improving.

Orchids outdoors.
Many of them can be outdoors for the summer.

Orchids in the house.
Now we can enjoy them indoors.

Coming soon.

Friends on the web.
There are many more personal web sites related to orchids.


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