Gothic Arch greenhouse

Step 9 : The Final Touches

After  completing the construction one of our last tasks was finishing the outside.  Because of the foam insulation we used around our exterior walls, we had a bright shiny pink bottom along the outside.  To provide a nice attractive look on the outside, we added a mortar mix around the perimeter of the exterior walls.

Carl finishing the exterior wallCarl finishing the exterior wall

We first scored the foam with a wire brush to give us a nice rough surface to adhere to.  We then applied the mortar mix from the metal flashing down below ground level.  We now have a nice looking exterior wall that looks just like it was poured from concrete.  The surface has lasted through two seasons of cold winter weather with no problems.   

grading the land

We then graded our sandy soil around the greenhouse with a small slope to run the water away from our foundation. Before spreading a layer of top soil, we pounded short pieces of lumber into the ground.  We drew a line on the lumber 4 inches and 8 inches above the surface of our sandy base.  When we spread the top soil we then had a reference to use to be sure we had at least six inches of nice soil on top.

The front of our new greenhouse faces the original Sunglo model that we now use as a shade house in the summer.  We removed the plastic from our old greenhouse and covered it with shade cloth.  We cut the bars off of the back wall so that we could walk through both ends, and then built a slate walkway up to the greenhouse door.  


finishing the front

the view from our shade house

We now have a nice path from the deck of our house into to the greenhouse, letting us wander through the shade house on the way.


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