Gothic Arch Greenhouse

Step 3 : The Foundation Wall

the start of many blocks to goHere you can see the beginning stages of our block wall, which was built along the thicker sides of the concrete base.  Our wall will be below grade and backfilled once completed, so we wanted to add as much strength as possible to the foundation.

Every four feet along the wall we drilled a hole into the base and pounded a short section of rebar into the hole.  Between every two courses of block we also added durawall to tie the blocks together horizontally.  The durawall sections are simply laid on top of the blocks and mortared right into the construction.  In the above photo you can see the rebar sticking up through the bottom blocks and the durawall sections ready to be used.

finished wall The rebar pieces shown here were cut slightly shorter than the height of the wall.  We then filled the holes which had rebar pounded into the base with concrete mix and pushed these into the wet mix. This was done to add additional strength and to anchor our wall right down to the concrete base.  Finally the wall was completed and turned out great.

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