Gothic Arch Greenhouse

Step 2 : Preparing For Concrete

laying screen and rebarOnce we were happy with the surface depths and drain construction, we put the top on our barrel and covered the entire surface with plastic.  We then laid out screen and rebar along the deeper footings and across the middle.  To finish, all the metal reinforcement was tied together with cable ties.

I must admit I never had any doubts about this project until the morning the concrete truck rolled into our driveway!  It was quite intimidating when the concrete came rolling down that chute and we had to know what to do with it.  Luckily we have a concrete expert in the family who has directed the construction so far.  After a few hours of hard work we were finished and the results look fantastic.  Not too shabby for an inexperienced work crew.

Like any good construction project, you must be prepared for any obstacle that requires a change in plan.  Our original idea to form a trench angled down to the drain holes was not feasible because the concrete set up too fast.   Instead, we decided to cut the drain paths with our concrete saw.  Here is the finished concrete after sealing the center but not the edges where our block wall will be attached.  You can see our first cuts made to define the drain path along the edges.  Later we will use the saw to finish cutting these out leaving a nice clean drain path under the benches.

finished concrete

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