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Begin construction
The display was built up from the floor by stacking milk crates.
  Milk crates are great to work with because they support each other and easily provide different heights to work with.   

On the left was one crate to hold our tall Phaius tankervilliae, the center had three and the right side two crates.  A board on top provided a safe surface to support our plants before they were covered with flat black sheets.

Begin placing plantsHere are the first few plants being placed into the display.  The taller plants were placed in the back, leaving room for others to be arranged in front.  When this picture was taken I decided the Phaius was too low for the display and simply added a milk crate under it.

On the far left is Phaius tankervilliae, in the middle is Onc. Paris and Mtdm. Issaku Nagata 'RL Hammer' and the plant on the right is Den. Andree Millar.

The display is starting to take shape.In the center was added Phal. Hualien Spotlight, Phal. Golden Buddha 'Gemstone #1' x Dtps. Gold Happy 'Sunripe, Dtps. Autumn Sun Hawaii x Phal. Goldberry Freckles and Bl. Yellow Bird.  On the right was added Phal. Tsukuba x Hakalan Queen 'America' AM/AOS, Bepi Alex Hawkes and Tblm. kotoense.

The theme of the show was "A Sea of Orchids" so driftwood was used to add interest to the display.  It took quite a while to arrange the plants properly.  The white flowers were located on the right, then the yellow shades eventually ending with the red flowers on the left.  I was worried about fitting in the large Phaius but it seemed to work nicely located on the far left.  No pots should be visible in a display such as this so green moss was used to cover the pots and hide them from view.

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