Pond Filter Continued

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The water returns to the pond through 3 inch PVC pipes at the top of the waterfall.  We used fabric to protect the liner because we knew this part of the construction would need a lot of work to create a realistic looking stream.  A separate liner was used here so that it would fold down over the pond liner.  This helped prevent the water from leaking behind the pond liner under the water falls.
constructing the streamAfter the liner was in place we covered the drain pipes with rocks and soil so that they are not visible.  At the end of the pipes we created a small rock cave so that it looks like the water is coming naturally out of the rocks at the top of the stream.

Once the construction of our stream was completed, we built up the soil so that the filter would be hidden behind the hill in front of it.   We planted day lilies along this hill because the height of the plants block the sight of the filter during  the summer.  They also have a great root system and form nice clumps which help to prevent erosion.  And we also like the flowers!

hide the filter behind day lilies

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