Pond Filter Continued

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pvc supplies, pump, plastic grid, filter padsThe plastic lighting grid had to be cut to shape so that it would fit into the tank.  We also cut a hole in the middle for the center post.  The center post is stabilized with a base plate.  We didn't screw or glue the base into the filter tank because after it's assembled the plastic grid and lava rocks hold it up sturdy.  The drilled holes at the bottom of our center post are also visible.  These holes must be drilled just at the bottom so that they are under the plastic grid.

We used quite a few bags of lava rock to fill the filter.  Because of the odd shape of the Rubbermaid stock tank, the pads at the top must be cut carefully to fit snuggly in the filter.  If there are any gaps between them and the sides of the filter, the dirt could flow around them back into the pond.

the filter padsThe filter pads were cut from a roll of material called Blocksom Filter Material.  It is a 1 inch thick material constructed of all natural coconut fibers with a green latex binding on a polyester net backing.   Although there are many filter materials available, we found this product easy to use and very effective.  We purchased ours from an excellent company called Aquatic Eco Systems, Inc.

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