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the filter

We designed our filter using a combination of things we read in books and information we learned from the internet.  The filter is made using a 100 gallon Rubbermaid livestock watering tank.  This tank is fish safe and comes with a drain hole at the bottom.  We added a PVC shut off valve and PVC pipes to the drain.  This lets us back flush the filter now and then.  The filter is located directly behind the waterfall so that the water can be easily returned to the pond at the top of our falls.

the filter drains into the bog garden Our filter was designed so that the water will move up through lava rocks with a few filter pads at the top.  A submersible pump pushes the water to the top of our filter using the black hose you see in the photo.  The water then goes down through the center of a 4 inch PVC pipe.  This helps add oxygen to the water as it shoots into the PVC pipe to the bottom of the filter.  We drilled many holes at the bottom 6 inches of the pipe to allow the water to flow into the filter.  As we pump water into the filter, the water moves up thru the lava rock.  The filter pads at the top help to stop any sediment before the water exits through the two outlets at the top into our stream and waterfall.

We used two gasket sealed PVC outlets and 3 inch PVC pipes to build the drains on our filter.  We had to carefully cut two holes in the side of the filter tank.  The PVC outlets come with rubber gaskets and separate into two pieces, one for the inside and one for the outside of the holes we cut.  When they are screwed back together the gasket compresses against the filter to create a water tight seal.  We also covered the drains with bathroom silicone to protect from leaks.

the filter outlets and "egg crate"This photo shows the drain outlets in place.  You can also see how we use plastic lighting "egg crate" to hold the lava rocks off the bottom.  We stacked old bricks to support the egg crate about 6 inches from the filter bottom and filled the filter with lava rocks.  The heavy dirt accumulates in this area under the plastic grid where it can be flushed out by opening the drain and squirting a garden hose down the sides of the filter.


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